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Steering Clear

by Dr. Earl Wilson

Most people never plan on moral compromise. It begins innocently and subtly, with a flirtatious conversation or the click of a mouse. The mind dwells on the temptation, and soon enough the fantasy becomes a reality. Then comes the downward spiral of rationalization and denial, of addiction and guilt. Though we may retreat into our defenses and ignore the red flags, inevitably the truth comes to light and we suffer the consequences. In the wake of the crash are shattered lives, broken marriages, and ruined ministries.

SteeringAs more and more people find themselves trapped in patterns of sexual, emotional, and financial sin, the church desperately needs resources for prevention, intervention and restoration. Counselor Earl Wilson provides a penetrating look at the slippery slope to moral failure, uncovering how our self-delusions fuel ethical compromise. With psychological and biblical insights he identifies how distorted thinking leads to secretive behavior, and he describes effective strategies for breaking bad habits. Only by bringing such things to light can we open the door to true repentance, change, and freedom.

Here is practical help for those who want to get off and stay off the slippery slope, as well as hope and healing for those picking up the pieces after crash. Though the road may not be easy, forgiveness and wholeness are possible. This book serves as an essential companion for those who want to live with integrity and those who minister to them.

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Restoring the Fallen – A Team Approach to Caring, Confronting, & Reconciling

by Earl & Sandy Wilson, Paul & Virginia Friesen, Larry & Nancy Paulson

When Christians fall into sin, how can we restore them? How can we bring them back into fellowship with more than a superficial apology? What if it is a Christian leader who has been involved in sexual sin or embezzlement or an addiction to gambling?

These are vital questions, but so often churches stumble at this crucial point. Either we ignore the wrongdoing, or we banish the wrongdoer. RestoringThe authors of this ground breaking book provide a new model for church discipline. The spiritual care team offers an approach that is biblical, compassionate and effective.

A spiritual care team is a small group of mature Christians who voluntarily commit themselves to support and guide a person with special spiritual needs through a process of restoration. This community approach emphasizes the importance of dealing with truth, making repentance complete and reestablishing discipline in the life of the sinner.

In these pages you will find practical guidance on how to form a spiritual care team, how to support the spouse and family of the person being restored, how to integrate professional helpers and the church into the process, and how to provide ongoing care when the main work of the team is complete.  

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Recovery by the Numbers

by Dennis & Georgia Miller

Recovery from Sexual Addiction and the associated trauma caused by betrayal is an ongoing process. This book is meant to show what a recovering couple may experience as they move through stages of recovery. It is written from the authors’ perspectives on what the stages of recovery may look like and what they and others experienced going through the stages. There are no cut and dried rules or timelines for recovery. Couples may find examples of their own recovery experiences in one or more stages at any given time, but many couples experience the same events or feelings as described in the book.  Recovery by the Numbers also contains a “Dictionary of Recovery Terms” that may help bring understanding to couples who are in the beginning stage of their recovery journey.

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Under Construction: A Workbook for Couples

by Dennis & Georgia Miller

This book is designed to be used in a group setting of three to four couples who are recovering from the betrayal of an adulterous spouse or a sexually addicted spouse and the trauma that the other spouse suffers from the betrayal. Groups are to be led by a couple who have been through the recovery process and are healed to the point of being able to help others along the healing path.

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Making a Quilt out of Cobwebs:

A Journey from Betrayal to Hope

by Georgia Miller

God is faithful and can turn cobwebs into a beautiful quilt. Marriage is full of challenges but addictions and betrayal can turn any marriage into a disaster. This is the story of one woman’s journey through the tears of betrayal to the blessings of a life of hope in Christ.

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Wounded Traveler: Devotions for the Journey

by Georgia Miller

This book is for anyone needing encouragement as they pursue recovery and restoration from the effects of broken marriages due to sexual addiction.

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