Couple’s Classes

Dennis & Georgia Miller are the Co-Directors of Tuff Stuff Ministries and the Founders and Directors of HeartWords Ministry. They believe that recovery groups are vital in helping individuals heal.  “We have found that after couples have experienced some healing on their own, they generally need some help restoring their relationship as a couple.  We have been privileged to not only lead groups of men and women here at home but also overseas.”

Under Construction is a work book and a nine-week class the Millers developed to encourage UnderConstructionPostercommunication between couples wanting to continue in recovery together from the trauma of sexual betrayal in their marriage. Dennis & Georgia host these groups for local couples in their home. The workbook is available for use outside of a group, but it does work best in group use.  There are no right or wrong answers. The questions are designed to help couples learn about their own feelings and thoughts on various topics considered important to address at some point during recovery. The topics are not in any particular order and are presented from the authors own experiences, therefore, they are not considered the only “right” way. Open and honest exchange of thoughts is the goal.

How it Works
As we gather the first week, we begin by sharing our own personal story of addiction, trauma, and recovery. The following weeks, each couple will share their story. Each chapter in the workbook is designed for the couples to work on reading and answering the questions together, as much as possible, then sharing what has been learned with the group each week.

A Safe Environment
Just as individual groups are a safe and confidential environment, this couples’ group will be held to that same standard in order to encourage open sharing and transparency. For many of us, the power of the “secret” has held back the healing God has in store for our marriages . Our desire is that thes groups will help all of us to continue on the healing path. We strongly recommend that each person have at least a year of individual recovery before joining a couples group.

WhatOthersAreSayingLocation, Time, & Cost
The cost for this nine-week group is $50* per couple which includes a workbook for each spouse. The groups meet from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM each week in our home. Find our contact information by clicking the “Contact Us” tab above.  We must limit the groups to 4 couples, and we begin a group 3 times per year usually in January, April, & September.  We look forward to meeting with you.  Dennis & Georgia

* The fee may change in the future.

To Order
The workbook can be ordered from www.lulu.com by clicking here: