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Sandy Wilson is convinced that “God never wastes anything. As a result of my personal journey, the Lord placed a real desire in my heart to provide support and encouragement for other women. God directed me to lead annual conferences for women who have been betrayed: Betrayal Redeemed: A Journey From Hurt to Hope. At the conference we offer a keynote speaker as well as workshops on a variety of topics such as: forgiveness, boundaries, next steps, sex, courage, and many others.”

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2017 Women’s ConferenceBetrayal Redeemed

A Journey From Hurt to Hope

October 21, 2017

8:30 AM—4:30 PM

Mountain Park Church

Lake Oswego, Oregon


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Meg Wilson has been married to her husband, Dave for 33 years. They have two adult daughters and live near Portland, OR. Since becoming a believer, Meg has gravitated towards women’s ministry. From small group facilitator, speaker, to ministry leader she has experienced the hand of God in powerful ways.  Her passion is seeing women fully partake of God’s life changing love.

As a follower of Jesus Christ since the age of fifteen, Meg has spent her adult life in many types of ministry. Her mission, however, was born of the pain of betrayal in her own life. After seventeen years of marriage her husband disclosed his secret life. Suffering turned all she knew about God into pure gold.

Hope is what she found in the ashes, and hope is what she offers to other women as she encourages them to grab hold of the same golden threads of truth through her book, “Hope After Betrayal” and now Hope After Betrayal Ministries. Meg continues to offer help and hope to dozens of women whose husband’s are caught in the noose of sexual addiction.



Nicole Wells, songwriter and musician, ministers through her heart compelled by hope. Nicole is the wife of a recovering sex addict. Her CD “Restore” honestly portrays her journey laced with silent pain and despair but bursting with new found joy and trust in God.

Nicole is a professional singer and songwriter as well as a piano and violin instructor in her private studio in Sherwood OR. The mother of 2 sons, her family was reunited in 2009 following a long marital separation.



A. To Trust or not to Trust  Sandy Wilson *                                                                   

After betrayal, can trust be rebuilt? Come learn how to negotiate the minefield of rebuilding trust and other feelings.

B. What Happened to the Man I Thought I Knew?  Earl Wilson                          

A candid look at the personality and character flaws that underlie emotional and physical infidelity and other bad behaviors. Five reasons why his choices were not your fault.

C. Why Do I Need Boundaries?  Mary Frantz *                                                       

Boundaries keep you safe and remove some of the insanity that goes along with this journey of surviving betrayal. Discuss how and why we establish boundaries as well as what manipulation looks like. 

D. What I Wish I Knew Then: Tips, Truth, & Survival  Yvonne Lindow*

Knowledge is power. Helpful strategies for navigating the many stages of this journey. Reminders of truths we already know, and ideas for moving forward.

E. The Trauma From the Drama  Linda MacDonald                              

Intimate betrayal is often so shattering, that women experience the same symptoms as war veterans or victims of crimes. Learn the signs, effects, and ways to deal with Post Traumatic Stress.

F. Emotions: Sorting Through the Tangled Pile  Georgia Miller *               

Feeling out of control? Are you just being a “drama queen”? What is “normal” and what is just plain “crazy”? The old game of Pick-up-sticks illustrates the confusing, precarious pile of our emotions during recovery. Explore getting & keeping emotional balance in the midst of the pain of betrayal. 



A. Panel of Men Addressing Your Questions                                                

Four men in various stages of recovery answer the questions you haven’t felt free to ask your husband. You will receive frank answers based on experience.

B. Creative Expressions  Lani Kent                                                               

The difficult emotions that surface during the healing journey can be a challenge to verbalize. Learn healthy tools for coping with these feelings by expressing them in a variety of creative ways through therapeutic collage and visual journaling.

C. Divorce After Betrayal: Your Choice, His Choice?  Linda MacDonald

Recovering from the trauma of intimate betrayal is difficult enough. When it’s followed by the awful choice of divorce, whether his choice or yours, it can lead to spiritual confusion and discouragement. Come and learn ways to decide, cope, overcome the shame, and find new meaning for your life……whether you are already divorced or in the process.

D. Why Do I Need Boundaries?  Mary France (repeat)

E.  Pick Meg’s Brain  Meg Wilson

Come to a safe place to ask your questions.  Meg Wilson has been on the healing journey for 17 years and has logged a lot of counseling hours as the client.  She will take your question and help guide you to the answercleardot


A. Self-Care for recovery  Nancy Laughland                                                

Self-care is a practical plan to keep your “internal tank” filled, taking responsibility for your own emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health during the recovery process. In this session we will identify areas where you may be “care-less” or lacking and discuss practical and simple ways you can lavish yourself with intentional acts of love and care.         

B. Emotions: Sorting Through the Tangled Pile  Georgia Miller (repeat)

C. Forgiving Your Betrayer Without Betraying Yourself. Linda MacDonald   Ever feel like the idea of forgiving your spouse after intimate betrayal is impossible? How does one let go of the accumulation of hurts? Come and learn: how to recognize when forgiving is healthy or unhealthy, when reconciling is wise or unwise, and how to reach the form that best suits your situation.

D. To Trust or Not to Trust  Sandy Wilson  (repeat)

E. What I wish I knew Then  Yvonne Lindow (repeat)


*    indicates workshop is repeated.



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