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Sandy Wilson is convinced that “God never wastes anything. As a result of my personal journey, the Lord placed a real desire in my heart to provide support and encouragement for other women. God directed me to lead annual conferences for women who have been betrayed: Betrayal Redeemed: A Journey From Hurt to Hope. At the conference we offer a keynote speaker as well as workshops on a variety of topics such as: forgiveness, boundaries, next steps, sex, courage, and many others.”

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the 2018

Betrayal Redeemed Conference!

A Journey from Hurt to HopeYou Are Not Alone!October 6, 2018

Mountain Park Church

Lake Oswego, Oregon


KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Yvonne Lindow  I have been married to my husband for almost 34 years. We own a farm outside of Hillsboro, Oregon.  I began a journey from hurt to hope following my husband’s disclosure in August of 2012 that he had betrayed me.  It has been a hard, frustrating, joyful, victorious journey of growth and grace. I have gone from being embarrassed and ashamed to sharing  my  story  with  other  women  and  walking  along  with  them  as Co-Director of Hidden Hurt. We have three sons spread out around the globe and one very adorable grandson. When I am not helping out on the farm, I love to quilt, read, and ring hand bells. I love to travel and try to get to Texas every three months to see our grandson.  I have been praying that you find a safe place here among us and that you no longer feel alone. 




WORSHIP LEADER – Nicole Wells, songwriter and musician, ministers through her heart compelled by hope. Nicole is the wife of a recovering sex addict. Her CD “Restore” honestly portrays her journey laced with silent pain and despair but bursting with new found joy and trust in God. Nicole is a professional singer and songwriter as well as a piano and violin instructor in her private studio in Sherwood OR. The mother of 2 sons, her family was reunited in 2009 following a long marital separation.







In The Beginning: Mary Frantz 

Disclosure is defined as a fact, especially a secret, that is made known. Dishonesty is described as deceitfulness  shown in someone’s character. How to navigate disclosure, deal with dishonesty and denial, and the pursuit of truth will be discussed in this presentation.






As Time Goes By: Connie Baker 

In this session, Connie will answer some very common questions: Is what I’m feeling normal?  Am I going crazy? Am I the only one that feels this way? Why am I so reactive and all over the place emotionally?  Learn about the emotions and trauma that are a part of intimate betrayal.




Men’s Panel:  

Four men in various stages of recovery answer the questions you haven’t felt free to ask your husband. You will receive frank answers based on experience.




Tools, Boundaries  & Self Care: Nancy Laughland 

Caring for yourself can often be at the bottom of your priority list, especially when you have family and career demanding your best time and effort.  But there are good reasons to start practicing self-care, especially when dealing with betrayal.  We’ll discuss several ways you can keep yourself strong and safe, including establishing and maintaining boundaries in your relationships.






Trust and Forgiveness: Georgia Miller & Sandy Wilson 

Can trust be rebuilt once it is shattered by betrayal? If so, how? Are trust and forgiveness synonymous? Forgiveness is important for your well-being but you may be wondering when and how it is even possible. This session will help clarify some confusion about these topics.












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