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About Us

Drs. Earl and Sandy Wilson are the founders and have been the directors of Tuff Stuff Ministries (TSM).  In 2014, Dennis & Georgia Miller joined the Tuff Stuff Ministry Team as Co-Directors.  Hearing all of their stories will help you understand the vision, commitment, experience, and wisdom they each bring to TSM.



Dr. Earl Wilson

“God has called Sandy and me to minister to people in crisis resulting from pornography and other forms of sexual entanglements.  These invariably bring pain and destruction.

 “After having lived for the Lord for many years I became entangled in my own sexual sin. My entanglements had reached addictive proportions, and my sinful choices had put in jeopardy all the things I claimed to be near and dear to me: my marriage, my family, my career, and my writing and speaking ministry. I had been “sorry” for my sexual sin, but I had never truly repented.  I now understand that true repentance demands turning around and running away from the sin. I finally did repent in 1989.  I remember crying out to God, ‘Lord I will face it all, and I will forsake it all.’  Repentance became the foundation for a prolonged period of emotional and spiritual healing leading to recovery and restoration.  I am grateful for the Lord, my wife, family, and the spiritual care team who walked with me through the process.”

Dr. Earl Wilson received his ThB. degree from Multnomah University and his Ph.D from the University of Oregon.  Earl became a counselor at Idaho State University and then a faculty member at the University of Nebraska, where he was promoted to tenured full professor and director of the Counseling Psychology and Rehabilitation Counseling Programs.

During the 1970-1971 school year, Earl and his family took a leave of absence, and Earl taught counseling at the National University for Teachers Education in Tehran, Iran.

In the fall of 1977, Earl joined the faculty of Western Seminary as a professor in the doctoral program in psychology. He served in that capacity until 1989 when his sin became public.  After serving a year of probation levied by Oregon State Board of Psychologist Examiners, Earl returned to private practice but shifted the focus to men who are entrenched in sexually compulsive behavior (sexual addiction).

Earl has authored and co-authored 15 books and booklets.   His video series Especially for Men is available for viewing on this website.



Dr. Sandy Wilson

“Earl and I had been at a ballgame one Saturday.  We came home, and our daughter told us that Earl had received a certified letter from the Board of Psychologist Examiners.  He went off to read his letter, and I went to make sure the kids were tucked in for the night.  When I came back, I asked him about the letter, and he said that it wasn’t much… “We’ll talk about it in the morning.”  So we got up the next morning and went to church.  Half way through the sermon, I looked over and tears were running down his face.  I’d never seen him cry before.  We went home, made lunch, started the dishes, and Earl went for a walk.  Earl never took walks.  I puzzled over this unusual behavior.  I (who had never read his mail before) went back, read the letter, and found out that he had been involved with a former client.  Strangely, I felt relieved.  For a long time, I had had a sense that something was wrong, and now I knew what it was.  He returned from his walk and told me that he’d had an affair.  I told him, ‘We’ll get through this.’  That was Sunday.

“Monday, I got up, went to work, came home, went to bed, couldn’t sleep, got up, and began to write.  The angry feelings began to flow.  Somewhere in the night, I decided that I wanted a divorce.  When Earl got up, I asked if we could set a time to get together and talk.  We met on Thursday night, went to dinner, and I told him I wanted a divorce.  He begged me to stay, and he asked me to reconsider over the weekend.  I had a commitment to speak for a women’s conference that weekend.  When the conference was over, I went down to the beach and felt like the Lord told me that I could go or I could stay…that He’d be with me no matter what I decided.  During the 2-hour drive home, I decided that I would stay for one year.  I told Earl three things that I wanted: 

  1. That he see a therapist
  2. That he seek outside input regarding our future speaking engagements
  3. That he completely sever ties with the other woman

“I also pushed for reaching out to someone else who could help us through these dark days.  A spiritual care team was born out of this need.  Thus began the journey.”

As Sandy walked through betrayal, she discovered that resources were severely lacking.  Because of her journey, she is now very passionate about providing help for women who have been betrayed by their spouses.  Sandy’s experiences and willingness to be vulnerable combined with her training makes her a powerful speaker and a wise counselor.

Sandy feels privileged to have spent many years as a stay-at-home mom of 5 children before returning to school to finish her college degree.  She holds a doctorate from Denver Seminary, Denver, CO.  Sandy is a retired professor of Western Seminary, speaks for conferences, and coordinates conferences for women and couples.

Sandy is an author, and her video series Lessons I Learned Along the Way is available for viewing on this website.



Dennis Miller

Georgia and I are called by God to serve together ministering to couples who have experienced the trauma due to a spouse’s involvement with sexual acting out behaviors. This behavior could range from anything such as using pornography to other forms of acting out sexually and compulsively.

“After becoming a Christian I believed that my previous struggles with sexual issues would be “healed” and forgiven and that I would never be troubled by my previous behaviors. However, even though I believed I had my life under control, as time went by I finally became addicted to the lure of pornography on the internet and other sexually related issues. I allowed my behavior to rule my life until the day my acting out on the computer was discovered by a family member and I had to disclose everything to the important people in my life. That was the beginning of truly understanding who God was, that he truly loved and forgave me, and that I could become the man he desired me to be. Through my years of recovery and healing, God brought me to a place where I could begin to minister to other men what I had experienced in my own recovery. By sharing my experience and the certainty of who God is and what he has done in my life, other men have found healing from their own addictive behaviors.”

After working for a major telecommunications company for almost thirty years, Dennis took a leave of absence and became a full time student first earning a two year degree in Religions Studies and then a B.S. Degree in Human Development from Warner Pacific College in Portland, Oregon. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Warner and retiring from his previous career, Dennis served for several years as the Missions Pastor at a local church in the Portland area. Dennis and his wife Georgia have traveled extensively overseas ministering to church leaders, counselors and others. They have traveled to and ministered in Mexico, Jamaica, Uganda, Kenya, Russia, Egypt, India, Taiwan and Hong Kong over the years. Dennis is an ordained minister in the Church of God, home office in Anderson, Indiana.

Dennis co-authored the Under Construction workbook.



Georgia Miller

It was a Friday afternoon in August when Dennis came home from the church where he was on staff and said, “I have something to tell you and I’m not sure how you’re going to take it.” My world fell apart when he told me he had been viewing pornography and had many emotional relationships with women in chat rooms online. Our youngest son had discovered his online activities and Dennis was forced to confess what he later discovered was a life-long addiction to all things sexual and our painful journey of recovery began.  After an urgent call to our pastor, he, in his wisdom, advised us to call Focus on the Family for a local counselor. Initially I felt that God had abandoned me yet ironically found the greatest comfort in reading the Psalms and listening to worship music. That was nearly 15 years ago and after many tears and heartache, God has brought great healing to our marriage and to us as individuals.

The counselor Dennis began seeing was very specific in the direction Dennis needed to go in order to make progress in his recovery: he needed to continue in therapy, join a For Men Only group, and read books about sexual addiction to education himself which he did. My own recovery was slower as I struggled with emotional issues related to betrayal as well as my own ghosts who had been raised as a result of trauma. Eventually I found my own counselor who helped me tremendously in navigating the frightening and confusing path of recovery.

Georgia has been a keynote and workshop speaker at several Tuff Stuff “Betrayal Redeemed” conferences for women and part of the planning team as well as helping to coordinate conferences for couples. In addition Georgia has written two books, “Making A Quilt Out of Cobwebs”, her story of betrayal and redemption, and “Wounded Traveler”, a devotional for women (or men) who have suffered trauma and need to be encouraged with words of hope from a loving and compassionate God. Her own journey has given her a compassion and empathy for women in the emotional trauma of betrayal and she uses all she has learned to help them work through their pain and isolation individually as well as speaking at conferences.

Georgia has been a stay at home mom of 3 grown children. She and Dennis both have an additional two children from previous marriages and are blessed to have a total of 10 grandchildren. Georgia has an Advanced Studies Certificate in Pastoral Care to Women from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

Georgia authored 2 books and co-authored the Under Construction workbook.










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